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    Full Workflow with Lightroom Mobile + Lightroom


      Hi there!

      I just bought a iPad Pro to replace my laptop and use when I am on location.

      I think I am close to have my perfect workflow. I can add RAWs to my iPAD from SD Cards and CF using a card reader, I can import all the pictures to LR Mobile and with a lot of patience, but I can sync all the pictures to my iMAC with Adobe Cloud. (I needed hours to sync all but is normal as I am talking about 100Gb of raw pictures - around 2000 files).

      I copy the pictures of my second photographer in the iMAC and Smart previews has been synched to my iPAD.

      Looks everything is fine but I have some questions that I can't find a updated solution.


      1.- I have around 100Gb of pictures in the camera roll and the same 100Gb in LR Mobile app. Now that all is copied in the iMAC, can I delete the images in the iPAD and keep only the Smart previews to work with? I want to select the good ones in the iPad, make basic edit and maybe export some jpg to the cloud. I need to keep all the original RAWs in the iPad to do this?


      2.- The pictures I am editing in the iPad have big problem with the color temperature easy to fix but crazy if I need to do image by image. Is there any way to batch correction in LR Mobile? I can't find the way.


      3.- When I export the pictures in the iPad, Can I chose the export settings more than small or full size? If this can't do with LR Mobile, is there any app to resize the pictures in the camera roll to deliver to the customer directly from the iPad?


      Thank you very much in advance for your help and sorry if any of the questions are solved before in the forum. I checked and or the post is from a very old version of LR Mobile or no answers.


      I think we are close to have a real mobile solution in our workflow!!!

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          selondon Adobe Community Professional



          1) Once all photos have finished syncing to the Cloud, I would say that's the safest time to delete from the Camera Roll. In LrM you can then also Clear Cache (under Lightroom Photos) at that point, which should clear space on your device.


          2) I don't think so, just copy/paste settings


          3) Once in the Camera Roll, how are you delivering these to the Client? If email, you can choose the size when you attach.