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    All file formats not saving correctly, no previews, won't upload or load etc

    NickyBarkla1 Level 1

      Hi guys!


      I have encountered an issue regarding the saving of files. I've been using Photoshop CC successfully all year now, it's completely up to date and everything, however yesterday all of a sudden my files don't seem to be saving properly, even though I've not changed any of the settings or literally anything I usually do.


      I was originally just trying to save small 7mb files as jpgs, but it seems the issue is happening to all file formats and file sizes now.


      Basically the file seems to have saved to my computer, but the small 7mb jpg ends up being 30mb for some strange reason, the images won't show icon previews in Mac's finder, they take forever to open and often they'll just freeze my 'preview' app (after it takes forever to load), the files won't even preview via finder. I'm a graphic designer and need to upload concept art for clients and I have a 10mb limit often, and these less than 10mb files won't upload (it's telling me the file is to big, even though it's not).


      I thought it might actually be an issue with my Mac, (keeping note all my software is up to date) but I think it might be photoshop CC as when I open these exact same problem files into other programs, like 'Painter12' for example, I'm able to re-save the file as a jpeg successfully and all is well and back to normal for that file, the image previews are there, they're the correct sizes, no issues at all, I can upload as well, all is back to normal...until I open it up in photoshop again.

      It's a pain now as just to save my work via photoshop I have to now re-open all images into other programs to re-save, just to get a working file.


      I haven't altered any settings or anything, it just starting happening all of a sudden, I'm kinda frustrated as I pay quite a bit to use photoshopCC like we all do, and it's kept up to date, and I have some deadlines fast approaching whereas I'll really need to save these files into very large files as well, and they most certainly need to upload and be useable.


      The files are there, they do save, but something is going wrong, the saving of them is also very laggy, not that half a second save small jpgs do, it's like the files are corrupt but I've tried all sorts of files types and even tried re-saving old files that have previously saved perfectly, tried different images, and even duplicating, re-doing the base files, creating new files for old images, all sorts trying to figure this out...sadly I'm all out of ideas.


      Hopefully someone might be able to help!!


      Thank you so much!