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    Note book view in mobile and reduce bottom margin in ebook




      I am using adobe indesign cs6. I tried to insert multiple pdf page and converted it into a single book. Finally i exported to epub and used in mobile. The issue is that i am facing some space in the bottom of each page. How to remove those? Secondly i need to view the ebook in a note book view(2 page view)?  Please help me to solve these two issue.


      Thanks in Advance

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          It is not a good idea to use PDFs for EPUB if you whant to transmit the text to an EPUB. You have to use the text directly in InDesign.

          PDFs are used as images and get pixalated upon export to EPUB or HTML.

          In CS6 the EPUB export is somehow limitted, if you want to produce EPUB professionally you have to consider to upgrade to CC 2017 or later as EPUB export is improved and in CS6 it was only in its early stage.


          When it comes to read EPUBs on a computer you have to know that every EPUB reader shows the same page in a different way. Best porogram in my opinion is that from Apple to open EPUBs. You will always experience some limitations. You can edit the CSS3 file whis is inside the EPUB package or you can choose your own CSS when exporting to EPUB. But you have to use Paragraph and Character Styles and specify CSS Export options.