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    Cannot Open Multiple .RAW Files in Succession


      This problem started cropping up within the past month and I'm completely at a loss. I'm just now posting My issue goes as follows:


      1. I open a .NEF file from either my camera folder or elsewhere on the computer directly into Camera Raw.
      2. I try to open a second .NEF file and I get the error message "Could not complete your request because of a program error." It does not matter if I have made any adjustments, saved the file, etc. Sometimes I get lucky and can open two but most of the time I get this error message after one image. I can open multiple jpegs, pdfs, and other file types perfectly fine - this seems to be limited to .NEFs.


      I wanted to test a theory, so just now I just opened 3 from the finder window at once - they all worked perfectly. I exited Photoshop, tried again with 6 other files. The first one opened without a hitch but then I repeatedly got the same error message as the others tried to open.


      From what I can gather this issue is very inconsistent but skews to the side of not letting me open more than one. Camera Raw is up to date and I have already attempted uninstalling/reinstalling Photoshop and rebooting my computer to no avail. I am running Windows 7 and my version of Photoshop CC is up to date.


      Any thoughts?

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          S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

          Personally, my RAW (I shoot .NEF as well) has always worked that way. Once the RAW dialog box is open, it has never allowed me to add another RAW file until I have completed what I want to do on the original that's been opened, and have subsequently closed the RAW dialog box. However, when selecting multiples and opening them simultaneously, they all show up on the left side of RAW and are editable individually, or by making a change and then synchronizing my changes to everything currently in that dialog box.

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            MarketingAtStrange'sFlori Level 1

            I know only one .RAW will pop up in Camera Raw at a time to be able to adjusted. However, even if I have completed my adjustments, completed whatever I need to in Photoshop, and then saved my file, it will not allow me to open another file through Camera Raw. I just get the dreaded error message.

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              S_Gans Adobe Community Professional

              OH! You mean you've saved and closed the dialog box and this happens? Sorry for misunderstanding!


              So - can you please describe, step by step how you're attempting to open that file "through" Camera Raw? There's something I'm missing on this. For me, even when I Save Image... I am left with Open Image (which opens the image into Photoshop), Cancel (which closes the dialog box), or Done (which closes the dialog box). I don't know of a way to open another image directly into Camera Raw when using it from within Photoshop.


              I guess I'm trying to clarify if the RAW dialog box is still open when you're attempting this, or if the whole dialog box is closed, and won't REopen when you try to open your .NEF.


              Sorry I'm confused, but there's a part of the question I'm missing, but I want to help...

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                Not sure if you can help. But I've just taken out subscription to the Photograpy modules and Camera RAW will only open one file at a time.   In CS6 I used to get a list of raw images on left hand side but now they just appear one at a time.  Edit one, open in PSCC and then it pops up the next in RAW.  WHY IS IT DOING THIS>

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                  I don't know if you already tryed this, I use Photoshop CC 2018 and the way I open multiple RAW files is by dragging them from the explorer to Photoshop interface. There is a difference if I drop the selection over the Welcome Screen than if I drop it over the Title Bar. The second way gives me the Camera Raw Dialog with all the files listed on the left.untitled.png