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    Best hardware setup for editing on Premiere Pro and other CC apps

    TheHarborCreative Level 1

      I'm about to build a new PC and wanted some input from the community about SSD allocation that will optimize editing workflow on CC apps. my motherboard will only have 1 slot for an M.2 drive. I plan on having one M.2 and two SATA SSDs. the M.2 being the fastest, which should I use that for, the startup drive in which all my CC apps are run on, or should the M.2 be used to hold the video files I am currently editing?


      So the configuration will either be

      M.2 - startup

      SSD #1 - editing files

      SSD #2 - cache files




      M.2 - editing files

      SSD #1 - startup

      SSD #2 - cache files



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