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    Acrobat DC, Invisible Menu Selection Points


      Window and menu clickable button icons are not showing up anymore.

      The icon button to close a file has disappeared. I can click where it used
      to be and the file closes so the functionallity is still there, just no
      way to see where to click.


      While this is inconvenient to close a file, it was impossible for me to
      export all the images from a document until I found a screenshot of the Export
      Image window on a help site that showed the various button icons.

      Then I just clicked around until I got the options
      to pop up and finally export all the images.


      I've had my IT support run the "Repair" function which did not
      help. Note that I do not have admin rights to my work computer.


      Has anyone ever had this happen?

      Is there a display related issue that can cause only the

           interactive icon layer to disappear?

      Could this be a bug of some type?


      If anyone has a suggestion, please reply.

      Thank You!