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    TileList or Tile or?

    ed_skinner Level 1
      I am trying to build a home section of an application that will have numerous panels with summary information. I would like to let the user rearrange the panels to what ever order they would like, sort of customized, and then keep track of the order when the log into the app again. Sort of how Google and other sites let you move components around on the iGoogle pages.

      I have tried using the Tile component but can not quite figure out the drag and drop syntax to move panels around.

      Should I use the Tile component or perhaps the TileList component?

      I am thinking that the panels would eventually be custom components but for now I would just like to figure out the drag and drop syntax.

      Is there an easier way to do this?

      I have been writing apps for a while now but and pretty new to Flex so please forgive me if this is simple question. Sometimes we just need a swift kick to get started.

      Thank you very much in advance.