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    Colors look different on my phone?


      I have edited and saved my photos in sRBG IEC6966-2.1 color profile in high quality jpeg format. I have posted these photos on Facebook and the colors are consistent when I look at them on my computer and on my Samsung Galaxy S7.But if I were to put the photos on my Google Drive, that's where they differ.


      On my Computer, I can view them on my Drive and download the photos in the colors I have meant for them to be, but as soon as I go onto my phone, the pictures look desaturated and plain on my Drive. Even when I download the pictures from the Drive onto my phone, they are still plain.


      If I download the photo I uploaded onto Facebook from my phone, they are the colors I meant for them to be. I don't understand how I can fix this. Please help? I want to upload these photos onto Instagram but I don't want to have to use another editing app on the phone to fix the colors. I also tried uploading the photos onto the Cloud and downloading them onto my phone but that didn't help either.