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    [proposition] changing Animate CC cam using


      Hello (I don't know if i'm in the right place but I want to propose a update on the Animate CC cam),


      So like many users, before the cam update on Animate CC, I used to use a Vcam downloaded on the internet


      And I think that, that Vcam was more easy to use than the actual Animate CC cam update because, on the Vcam there was the onion skin on the lines of the rectangle which was very useful, and also we could use the arrow keys to move our Vcam or zoom in and out which was very precise


      I know I can use the motion tween on the Animate cc cam but it's not enough for me to be precise in my cam movements, because with that I can't do, for example the effect of a camera hold by the shaky hands of a person (I could do that with the internet Vcam)


      I liked a lot the onion skin of the rectangle and the use of arrow keys

      So if a lots of users are interested, I would like a update on Animate CC's cam tool by allowing us to move it with the arrow keys and unable the onion skin on the rectangle


      That's it !