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    Flex Based AIR application & remote HTML

      The question is ....from a flex based AIR application do you always have full access to all of the HTML content loaded from a remote site via the DOM (htmlLoader.window.document), or is the 'context' of what you can see limited to what the initial url requested can see - i.e. the context is as if it were javascript running in the page corresponding to the initial URL.

      As far as i can see if i request say the page http://www.abc.com/page1.htm and it has content along the lines of

      <IFRAME src=" http://www.xyz.com/page3.htm" id="remoteframe" />
      <IFRAME src=" http://www.abs.com/page2.htm" id="localframe" /?

      then using the htmlControl.htmlLoader.window.document i can successfully navigate the DOM for the initial page loaded and localframe, but not remoteframe.

      I've seen various comments about sandboxes, bridges and applicationdomains in the documentation but i don't see how this can help me.

      Can someone please shed some light on this? Can i from the AIR application access all of the DOM, or am i restricted to the initially loaded page and pages referenced from the same domain in the page?