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    CC17 menu issues? ++


      Hi all,


      First time at the forums for this 20-year+ Photoshop user (PS4, PS6, CS3, and now CC17). I just installed the latter the other day, and here's what I find annoying:


      1. Sub menus: FILE, EDIT, & IMAGE all work properly, with the sub- menus showing to the right, the same as the little arrows point. All other sub menus from LAYER to HELP show on the left. To say this is annoying is an understatement, at least to me.


      2. What's with the pink lines and coordinate boxes every time I move an object? Are the pink lines the auto guides?  Either way, I looked in preferences and saw no options to turn this annoyance  (I'm sure of great use to others) off.


      3. For some reason my Ctrl key activates, even after a simple save, and I don't use the keyboard (all done on my tablet). A small Ctrl flag appears next to the cursor, and I have to hit the Ctrl key to shut it off so I can use the selected tool. This is quite frequent too.


      Any help here would be appreciated and, yes, I did search first.


      So far CC17 is nice, despite the above, but I didn't need it , however after 3 calls to support I gave up trying to reactivate CS3 after Adobe forced me to ( it wouldn't work on line, and a lot of time wasting to try doing it with a new installer, serial #, and deleting old files). Very troubled to see this happen to an honest user who bought the entire CS3 suite! I figure all of CS3 is trash now. Smart move, Adobe, to force folks to upgrade!


      Thanks for your time.


      Lou Betti

      Boca Raton, FL