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    Multiple Signatures on a Widget


      I am trying to implement a sign up form for a club using a widget via Adobe Sign.  I need to be able to simply link the form from our website.  My issue is this:


      I need to be able to capture two different signatures - one for the person signing up, and one for their parent/guardian.  I am able to create the widget with no problem -- and adding a single signature is also no problem, but I need a second signature field *for a different person*. 


      I DO see that I can add a counter-signer to the widget -- but that requires me to associate that signature with a specific email address -- which is NOT what I want. What it seems I need is a second "signer" for the widget but I cannot see a way to do this.  This seems like it must be a reasonably common problem but I can't seem to see how to do it.


      Thanks in advance for any help.