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    Project with Animate for JS from many FLA

    Ami Hanya Level 1


      In the latest versions of Animate i build projects with many FLA that have a Movie Clip that export to the JS (from library linkage).

      from this FLA i Have a many JS files with difference names and i call him on the code like this:

      var mc1 = new flaFile1.MovieClipName; // js from fla file

      var mc2 = new flaFile2.MovieClipName;// other js from other fla file.


      In the last version Adobe add the AdobeAn and AdobeAn.getComposition and now all the files create lib on export name (on the JS file).

      and i can't call to Classes from many FLA.

      I looking for way to use many FLA and use all the JS on one HTML project.