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    Photoshop CC desaturation issues when saving


      I want to start by saying I have been using PS CC for a while now and only just started using LR. I am also working on a calibrated screen. Over the last few months, before starting Lightroom, I have noticed that my images have been desaturated when I would save from Photoshop. I am working in the sRGB color space and have checked everything to make sure the color spaces are correct and that I was saving everything as I was advised from other photoshop users. Since using Lightroom, when I save, everything saved looks exactly as it does in the program where the color is off being saved from Photoshop.


      Is there anything I can do to keep this from happening? Or am I doing something wrong? I'm just not sure why I can have the same exact settings in LR as I do in PS and they give different results when saving. Thanks for any help or advice!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sounds like you are not using any color management correctly, that is neither tagging images with profiles nor actually making sure your custom monitor profile is used for proofing.



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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Basic color management troubleshooting:


            • is the color profile embedded in the file, and is it the right one?
            • do you have a valid monitor profile set up at system level, and is it correctly loaded by the application?
            • are you viewing the file in a color managed application, that reads both these profiles and remaps from one into the other?


            If you can put a checkmark on all these three, the file will display correctly. There's no way it can not display correctly.


            Specifically, more info: what application are you using to view the file? what monitor? more than one? what is your monitor profile, are you using a calibrator to make it? have you changed anything in Photoshop's color settings? (don't!) If so what?

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