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    Photoshop failed after newest Windows update Sep. 12th 2017

    zwaaismad Level 1

           On the 13th of September I found that I was unable to use my Photoshop program from the Adobe CS5 pack.

      Upon opening the program I received this message, "Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver, and has temporarily disabled GPU enhancements. Check the video card manufacturer's website for the latest software."

      I initially went through Adobe's self/community help section to see what others had done.

      I tried restarting the computer, nothing. I tried re-enabling the GPU, PS crashed. I tried updating my drivers and graphics, nothing. I tried bringing them back to an older version, nothing. I completely uninstalled all of Adobe and re-installed it, nothing. I tried ignoring it, PS would just crash.


           I went to the store I bought the laptop from to see if they could do anything. The sick computer department told me because it's a laptop they would have to send it to Dell and get the whole thing replaced. I don't have that kind of money and I JUST bought this computer in May. I was basically told I wasted my money. I went to the computer selling portion of the store. They tried a few things but nothing changed.


           I went onto Microsoft's help line. Got three different help specialists. The first one was able to make it so PS didn't crash after you try to re-enable GPU, nothing changed. The second pretty much did nothing and nothing changed. The third one got it to work for 15 to 30 mins. They gave me a guide to follow if it happened again. Turns out it was a solution I had tried several times already. Just re-enabling the GPU. Why didn't it work for me? I did nothing different. Well it didn't stick anyway and it is now back to crashing when I try.


           I've tried getting an older update of Windows, didn't work. I've tried disabling Radeon, didn't work. Anything a help specialist could think of or that can be found online, I've tried a great deal of.


      My computer is 100% capable of using Photoshop and has been using it just fine until this newest Windows update. Microsoft does think it is their fault, but so far none of their solutions have actually worked. So now I am turning to... someone... on this "quest" to see if you have any solutions.


      I would also like to add that I am an art student. I need access to my adobe programs. This is my school computer.


      Thank-you for your help.

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          If you want to keep running really old apps there isn't a problem with this, many people do. BUT, you need to work with a frozen system of the same vintage as the apps. system updates often need app changes to follow and CS5 is long past the point where it will be fixed. You might be able to get it going again, I hope so, but this sort of thing will keep happening.


          Frozen old apps are a security weakness of course. You might consider keeping this computer off the internet.

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            terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

            You seem to have tried most of the things we are likely to suggest, but I wasn't clear if you had reverted the system to it's pre-update state via a 'restore point' So just in case you have not this is how it is done.

            1) Right click the computer icon on the desktop and choose properties, then click 'system protection' The system properties box will appear as on the left in the graphic below. Press the 'System Restore' button and the dialogue on the right with available restore points will appear. Now select the recent updates from Microsoft and press 'next' This will revert the system to it's previous state. Remember to restart the computer or they will not be active.


            You can also get to the 'System Restore' dialog from 'Control Panel' Just click on 'Recovery' followed by clicking on 'Open System Restore' If this procedure does not work then the problem with Photoshop probably was not caused by the Windows Update . If Photoshop becomes stable, you will have to wait for an update to the graphics card driver from the manufacturer before allowing Windows to update further.

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              zwaaismad Level 1

              Unfortunately this did not work.


              I did find a solution though.


              Thank-you for your input.

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                zwaaismad Level 1

                I will take that into consideration.

                Thank-you for your input.

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                  zwaaismad Level 1

                  - SOLUTION I WAS GIVEN -


                  Ok, so I finally went to Dell.

                  They told me that while there was a variety of issues it could be, like Windows newest update or my drivers just needing to update, it was concluded it was most likely that my profile had been corrupted.

                  Why was this conclusion reached? Because Even though I had updated my drivers several times, it actually wasn't taking. Radeon and Intel kept saying that the newest version was installed correctly, but then would immediately turn around and say that the newest version still needed to be installed.

                  So I made a new profile and shifted all my stuff over, then deleted my old profile. Everything seems to be working just fine so far.

                  As to what caused my previous profile to become corrupt, I do not know.

                  This is not the first time I have had a profile that has been corrupted, although the malfunction was different, I cannot find a correlation between them.


                  Profile - If you don't know, "profile" is the name given to your computer account. New computers can have multiple profiles. One for mom, dad, child, and so on. Each one is somewhat separate from each other. Most old computers are only capable of one profile, which you are automatically ushered into when you turn your computer on.


                  Good luck to anyone else with a similar history!

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                    gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Thanks for letting us know what you found out. It will help others like yourself. I guess you see how tricky this troubleshooting business is. We basically know Adobe products and while a problem seems to be from Adobe, it's hard to tell someone it's not. After all the drivers work with Word or their video game.