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    HELP!  FLash Page flip

      I began as an intern at an agency, but all the designers are gone and I'm the only one left. I have a problem with a flash Page-flip component that we are using on our website.
      I used flash for the first time ever last week.
      I've got the pages sorted and even imported an swf animation onto a page.
      However I need to know how to control the animation so that it starts when the page it is on is turned, not when the whole book is loaded. So the viewers see the animation working, when it is visible.
      An example of the page flip component is here:

      Can anyone help? I've tried books and miles of coding but I know f*** all about flash, to have done even this much has been a miracle.

      Any help would be appreciated, I fear I am alone on the deck of a sinking ship................. S - O - S