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    lost stock after termination?!


      I cancelled adobe Stock but I had like 23 pictures left for download.

      So my question ist: Where are they?! When I want to download a picture adobe suggests me to subscribe to adobe Stock but there have to be some downloads left?!

      Why is this happening? May you can help me.


      Thanks a lot!

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Marion,


          Please see the answer below:


          If I cancel my subscription, can I still use any unused licenses in my account?

          No. You can use your available licenses as long as your subscription is active, but you forfeit any unused licenses upon cancellation of your subscription.


          Also, you may refer to Common Questions about plans, purchasing, and availability, Adobe Stock for more details.


          Additionally, I would like to let you know that if you had downloaded the remaining assets before cancellation, they would have remained in your license history forever.



          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional query.





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