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    What type of the certificate is being accepted by Adobe Reader ?




      I bought the certificate an Enterprise ID. Signed for them the document isn't confirming the identity of the owner.


      Reply from CA CERTUM:


      As required by Adobe Systems Incorporated, electronic certificates whose private keys are not installed on external media (USB, SSCD, etc.) are no longer validated in Adobe® Acrobat® and Adobe® Reader.

      Due to this change, our Certum ID certificates are no longer recognizable as trusted by the company's software.

      At the moment, the only electronic certificate issued by CERTUM, which is considered to be trusted in Adobe software, is the qualified certificate.

      In the future we plan to implement ID certificates that can be installed on a virtual card. Such certificates will be recognizable as trusted by Adobe.


      I need a file .p12 with private key.

      Where can I buy the right certificate?