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    Muse_Horizontal menu widget

    Kim Louise 22 Level 1



      I'm using the standard Muse horizontal menu widget but I'm struggling to work out the following:


      • When introducing a drop down menu how do I centralise the sub page titles in the box (see image)?  Nothing seems to work for me?

      muse alignment.jpg

      • When setting the menu to 'uniform spacing' the drop down boxes below are aligned centrally whereas I would like them to be left aligned with the top navigation button?


      Many thanks



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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          You should use the menu in manual mode, I´m afraid, instead of automatic.

          Then you can align your items as you like.


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            Kim Louise 22 Level 1

            Great thanks!  How do I change to manual mode?  Will it effect anything else?



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              Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

              @Kim Louise 22  When talking about menu styling, it is absolutely essential to know, what parts a menu is consisting of.

              To know this, please have a look at the top left corner of Muse’s application window. There you find a label, which identifies the active element, With regard to a menu and its submenus you’ll see this:


              Clicking onto the menu, the label says „Menu“. One more click click leads to Menu Item, double click onto the text within shows: Label.

              You can see the same, when you have a close look into the „Layers“ panel:


              If you click onto the submenu container, after every click you’ll see Submenu -> Menu Item –> Label

              Why is that so important? Simply because you can  customise every single element (even the wording, if you have a manual menu):

              You can underline the text, outline and/or colorise every element in every state. And you can resize and reposition every menu part by selecting the part and dragging the handles or by using the „Transform“ panel. Further you can modify the distances of every part by using the „Spacing“ panel.

              Here a little video, demonstrating, how flexible a standard menu can be handled (and this is not even a „manual“ menu, which would allow even much deeper customisations!)

              Looks quite silly, bit gives an impression, what is possible: