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    Styles  and CSX styles

    yenelli Level 1
      I imported a Word 2007 doc into a new RH 7 HTML project, and I'm grappling with styles that aren't in RH 7 css or htts and weren't in the Word template, either.
      For example, when I highlight a paragraph that was a BulList paragraph (in Word), the RH HTML Formatting ribbon displays the style as BULLISTCXSPMIDDLE.

      How do I fix this? If I try to edit the styles, there is no BULLISTCXSPMIDDLE listed in the Styles dialog. Further, RH instructions for deleting a style (from the Styles dialog) state: Click "X". There is no "X". Rather, when I highlight a style I want to delete, the Delete button becomes unavailable.The RH Styles dialog has a neat list of Character and Paragraph formatting...and then "Other"...how do I relate what's in this dialog to the "stuff" that shwos up in the Formatting ribbon?

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          Ben Minson Level 2
          I can't speak specifically to Word-to-RH styles, but when you see a style in RH all in caps, that means that RH can't find it in the style sheet or in topic styles. That's why you can't find it in the style sheet, either.

          It should be sufficient to highlight the paragraphs in question and select the Normal style (or whatever style you want it to be).

          As for getting that BULLISTCXSPMIDDLE style to never show up at all, I don't know about that one.

          Hope this helps,