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    Missing slideshow controllers?


      Hello. I have recently started using Muse to create a simple portfolio site. Somehow I thought this might be easier than working in Dreamweaver, but I've experienced a lot of "quit unexpectedly" situations.

      I have seven pages, five of which have slideshows containing images of different categories of work I've done.

      On two of the pages, the controllers and the captions are not displaying. They have in previous iterations.

      All of the slideshows are set up the same way, same position, same sizing. I have used the Optimize Asset Size function in case the images are too hefty.

      I do not understand why the controllers and captions are visible and functioning elsewhere, but not on these two pages.

      You can see what I mean at http://girsbergerdesign1.businesscatalyst.com/index.html. The slideshow pages that are affected are the Text and Print pages.

      I can't attempt to make this responsive until this breakpoint is resolved, of course.

      Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.