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    Why would a Screwed Up Muse Update Still Be made Available?

    awbrown66 Level 1

      You guys know that your latest update is totally screwed up, yet you keep it readily available to the public? I pay for this crap?!! I'm working on serious deadlines... now you guys hand out this "update" with issue after issue... Myself and many others could have avoided this disaster completely if you would have pulled it once you fully knew it was screwing up peoples sites!!


      Now you expect your paying customers to do your clean up work by debugging it for you while you politely say "we're so sorry for your frustration....blah...blah...blah!!" Like we have the time to play around with your product, deal with bug after bug, piss away hours of our own time making sure that it is indeed a bug, and then type out email after email asking for help only to receive the message, "Send us an attachment so that we can see if we can duplicate the issue."  Would you like us to fix your freekin code too?!!! Hell, how about I just come do your job, and pay you to do your job too? Wait... that's exactly what your asking us to do now!!!


      I'll bet your credit card machine isn't broken, and your monthly Muse charge will suck the cost for this crap out of my bank account with lightning speed!! I'm totally screwed until you people get this fixed... I tried to use an old version of Muse so that I could go back to my original settings before this screwed up "update," but of course, by the time I figured out the update sucked, all of my files had been updated to the new version!!! Now the old version won't open the file!!! Again, all could have been avoided if the screwed up update was not made available to the public once it was known to have major issues!!!!


      Nobody can ask for a "perfect" product and expect to get it without some small issue here or there, but this is outrageous!!! Someone starting a new site could work around some of these things, but anyone with a complete design in place is totally screwed... Tried the "pre-release" and still finding things that can't be rectified!!