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    Vanishing point experts ASSEMBLE!


      Trying to export vanishing point output in the highest resolution possible to .obj for use in 3dmax and Im running into

      some resolution issues... For shots where there are objects/walls close to the camera, the output is very blurry

      (Compared to the source photo) and im losing a lot of detail in those areas and I cant figure out why. I don't see

      any options or method of controlling the size of the exported textures so Im wondering if anyone has found a way

      around this or have any ideas/work-arounds?


      Looking for ways to maximize the size/detail of exported textures linked to the obj. model.....


      Thank you in advance, this is driving me crazy



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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When exporting textures to a modeling program. Don't use perspective point. Keep the textures flat and each side of the object needs to be a separate file. With the exception of textures that are identical on each side. Those can be a single image and apply it to each side.
          In other words the work needs to be done in the modeler instead of photoshop. It is the same process as applying textures on an object in the 3d workspace in photoshop. Which may be an option for you as well.