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    Newbie - Metatag link issues

      Hi everybody.

      I am brand new to Robohelp and have a question that is probably pretty easy but cant figure it out. I am working in Robohelp v7 and trying to add an help topic to an existing project. I would like to make a link in a topic that I made that will open a topic in the existing project.

      What I tried to do first is create an Alink in the topic but it said that the page could not be found. Then I tried to create a redirection topic that basically had a line of code added to the HTML code that forced it to go to that topic. I added the following code to the HTML:

      <meta http-equiv=refresh content="3;URL=mfg_m.chm::/mfgexample_0001.htm">

      It also stated that the link was not found and that it needed a program to run remote.chm.
      Then I put in a link to google and when previewed in Robohelp, it works. When it is in the program after compiling, it says the link does not exist.

      <meta http-equiv=refresh content="3;URL=https:\\www.google.com">

      Is there something that I need to do other than just putting in this link? Is there a better way to do this? I really appreciate the help that you give. Thanks in advance for helping out a rookie.
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          navinse Level 1
          I think I figured it out. Instead of linking through metatags, I created a hyperlink that points to a remote URL. The only tricky part of that was the copying of the file to the new project folder and decompiling the exisitng project to know what naming convention I need to use. Onto the next step. Hopefully this may help the next guy with this problem.