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    Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Error on launch (Windows 7)


      Hello everyone,


      the existing installation of Adobe Photoshop CS6 stopped working on several Windows 7 Workstations.


      When I launch Photoshop the following error appears: "Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden"

      Possible translation: The system cannot find the specified file


      This error appears only when trying to launch the x64 version of Photoshop, x86 is working fine.

      The same applies to Adobe Bridge (or an other app of the CS6 Design Suite included in both x86 and x64 versions).


      There's nothing in the event logs of Windows.


      I have tried to reinstall CS6, with and without removing the installed version beforehand, also with usage of the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool.


      There haven't been changes to the workstations besides installing Windows Updates, it's unclear when this problem actually started to appear.


      I'm having a problem affecting Photoshop Elements 11 on even more workstations which might or might not be related:
      Unable to launch Photoshop Elements 11 on Windows 7
      Noteworthy: CS6 actually remains working on a single machine which is also affected of the Elements problem


      I'd be glad if you guys had some ideas what I could do to get Photoshop working again.