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    Multilevel Lists in Word and importing into RoboHelp 2017


      Hi All,


      I'm trying to import a vast number of existing Word documents into RoboHelp 2017. We're pretty good about using styles, and to ensure that lists always worked, we use Word's multilevel list styles. However, I cannot get the lists to import into RoboHelp correctly. Here is what I'm trying to do:


      1. I've got my CSS in RoboHelp, which has a multiple level list style defined how I want it, with the same name as the multilevel list in the Word document (OneListStyle is the name of the style in both). For each level of the list, the paragraph styles are defined, with the same names in both the source Word document and in the RoboHelp CSS file.

      2. I run an import Word document routine and select the Word file I want and ensure that the paragraph styles for the individual list levels are mapped.

      3. I also select the convert to Mulitlevel Lists option on the import wizard.

      4. Run the import.


      No matter what I do, imported document in RoboHelp has mangled the multilevel list style by giving it a new name. Sometimes the  MSWordListXX at the start of the list or sometimes it is something like this:


      <?rh-list_start class="MSWordList10" level="1" style="list-style: rh-list;" ?><p



      So, the individual levels are coming through ok, e.g. the paragraph styles are being applied (presumably because I've mapped them) but the list style is not. If I just had numbered lists I'd just do a find and replace for MSWordList?? and replace it with "OneListStyle", but alas, I've got bulletted lists as well that also need correcting.


      I've read Peter's tips on importing Word docs and Word lists, but I'm still getting the problem.


      Any thoughts?

      Please help!