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    A/B Testing Behind Authentification


      We are trying to understand if Target has the ability to run a/b tests behind authentification. We use at.js and AEM. I tried setting up a test using Visual Experience Manager with a URL behind login, and it wouldn't let me set up the test. Wanted me to log in. Is this something we can do with a regular mbox? There are common page elements after users login that we'd like to test.


      Thanks for any help!

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          ryanr8 Adobe Employee

          Hi Sarah,


          If you are setting up the test with Target's VEC then you should just need to login to your site in a separate tab. Then load the post-login page into the VEC.


          Alternatively, you can perform the login via the VEC. When getting the login form within the VEC, switch to "browse" mode (button in the upper right area). Login then browse to the desired test page. Once there switch back to the "compose" mode.