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    Lasso feather option greyed out


      In the middle of a editing session, my feathering option for the lasso suddenly greyed out and now I can no longer adjust it.


      perhaps I touched a key on my keyboard or something, I dont know. all I know is I can no longer adjust the feathering option for my lasso.
      Polygonal Lasso, rectangular marquee tool and others still offer the feathering option. but my regular lasso will not. it is very obnoxious.


      Can someone explain to me how this could happen, what did I press, what did i do to cause this?




      Feather option greyed out.PNG

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          Reset the Lasso Tool by right clicking on the lasso icon in the tool options bar and clicking on Reset Tool.



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            mglush Adobe Community Professional

            This may not answer why you're having this problem, but here is a workaround to your frustration:


            First make your selection, and then choose the  Select menu and then Modify>Feather, which then will bring up the dialog box where you can choose your size.


            I like this option better, because I have more control over my selection and I can undo/redo the feather as many times as I need to get the effect I want. If you have the feather set in the options bar before you create your selection,  you are stuck with what you set, but if you choose to create the selection first, and then use the Modify>Feather command you have more control.


            Try it and see if you like it!