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    Right server files for Day 3?

    Level 7
      In the exercise for remote data, we are told to unzip adobeODTServer.zip ..
      however, the assets for that exercise are ex9_server.zip and they do not
      appear to contain the same files. For example, there is no
      ReservationForm.mxml. There was in the Day 2 exercise, but since we are
      told to delete that site and set up a new one that has a different path (no
      _workspace folder in the path), we don't have access to the day 2
      ReservationForm.mxml file and we have not been told to create a new one.

      We are told to open it however . and I for one do not have it in this new

      Is this just me? If so .. what have I done wrong? I really would like to
      finish this but I don't know if I am supposed to revert to the old
      ReservationForm.mxml or create a new one.

      Frustratng ..


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          Hi, Nancy ...

          I saved the unzipped ex9_server.zp to the C:\lcds\Jrun4\servers\
          default directory. Then, thanks to you, I found the correct lcds download and installed it to C:\lcds and started the lcds service. I deleted the project, keeping the data as instructed, and when I created the new project, it located my other assets and components. I found them in the src folder.

          Did it not pull in the folder structure for you?