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    Add watermark from JS that will change with user prompted info across multiple docs




      I am trying to add a script to prompt a user for 3 pieces of information.  This information will change for every user that wishes to open and print the document.  I also need to apply this to numerous (currently about 2,000) documents, and that number will increase as our engineers generate new blueprints.  I know 2,000 is a lot to process at once, but if I could batch this into groups of 100 or so that would still make things much easier than doing a single document at a time.  I am unable to download any third-party software to accomplish this so I am looking for a solution within Acrobat Pro XI.  I have created an action with the action wizard that uses document javascript, then saves the newly watermarked file to the local user computer.  I have tried performing this as a batch with multiple files, but I am require to re-enter the script with each document.


      Is there a way to do this and apply it to multiple files only having to copy and past the script one time?  Below is a copy of the code that I have so far.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


      function Watermark()
      var dialogTitle = "Please Complete";
      var string1 = "This PDF has been created for";
      var defaultAnswer = "";
      var string2 = app.response("Add Employee Name",
      dialogTitle, defaultAnswer);
      var string3 = app.response("Add JON",
      dialogTitle, defaultAnswer);
      var string4 = app.response("Add Work Order Number",
      dialogTitle, defaultAnswer);
      var string5 = "Valid for use ONLY on this work order.";
      var defaultAnswer = "";
      var cMyText = string1 +"\n"+ string2 +", JON "+ string3 +", Work Order "+ string4 +"\n"+ string5;
           cText: cMyText,
           nHorizValue: 650,
           nVertAlign: app.constants.align.bottom,
           nVertValue: 160,
           cFont: "Helvetica-Bold",
           aColor: ["RGB", 255, 0, 0],
           nOpacity: 0.7,