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    Ask The Community Expert Session - Adobe Admin Console Changes

    jantzen.belliston-Adobe Adobe Employee



      Session Info:

      Have you heard of the exciting new changes coming to user and permissions management for Adobe Experience Cloud? Join product manager, Ryan Monger, for a discussion on the updates to the Adobe Admin Console. These changes include enhancements the overall usability including navigation, workflows, and user management. By joining this session, you will ensure you are prepared to effectively manage your users when your organization is migrated to the updated version of Adobe Admin Console.





      • Admin Console - What is it?
      • New Features!
      • New Admin Console Walkthrough
        • Overview
        • Products
          • Product Profiles
        • Users
          • Users
          • User Groups
          • Administrators
        • Settings
          • Identity/Domain
          • Password Policies
      • Question & Answer





      What it is:

      • A place to manage user access and permissions to your Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. You can also use Admin Console to setup a team of administrators that will help your organization manage user access.

      What it isn't:

      • A place to manage features and settings of specific solitons. For this, you still manage these in each individual solutions' Admin/Settings area.


      New Features:

      • Add new users to your organization form any user workflow. No more invites for the user to accept
      • Terminology change: Product Configuration (or PLC) is now Product Profile
      • Copy permissions in product profiles to create a new profile (Templates)
      • Quick links on Overview page
      • Get started area - quick access to help docs and shortcuts to actions
      • Info drawers - quick view of details


      Key Takeaways:

      • Different Admin roles can be a good tool to help delegate access and permission responsibilities across your organization
        • Use the System Admin role with care!
      • Product Profiles + User Groups are powerful. Now teams or groups can quickly get access to different solutions and access/permissions tailored to their needs
      • Product Profiles + Copy Permissions = Templates. Create a master product profile and use the copy permissions feature to create variations of your master.
      • Shortcut - https://adminconsole.adobe.com/enterprise/products



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