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    Brush modes in animate


      I'm new to animate and have been looking at tutorials online to get a better understanding of the program. Most of those tutorials have been on older versions of flash (like cs5 and 6). I'm having trouble with the brush tools, ive been looking for the brush modes so that I can use the "paint behind mode". Does brush modes still exist?Also what's the difference between the paint brush tool and brush tool?

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          In some tool layouts the column or row of tools may go further than the height or width of your monitor. If it does you can drag the edge to make it be either two icons heigh or two icons wide. Once you've done that you may see the brush mode buttons at the end of the tools.


          Those only work for the Brush tool, they don't for the Paint Brush tool, that didn't exist in CS5 or CS6. Make sure you're using the brush without the curved line in the icon.

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