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    Edit and Save a PDF back to SharePoint list/library

    bspence11 Level 1

      We have SharePoint 2013 in our office and people have various versions of Acrobat and Windows. We want to people to be able to open a PDF from a list or library, then edit and save that PDF back where it came from. However, by default, Acrobat tries to save it to a temporary folder on my hard drive. I'm savvy enough to be able to find the SharePoint location again and save it in the right spot, but most users are not that capable. Is there a way for people to be able to open a PDF and save back where it came from (which would be the standard behavior you would expect from files - you open, edit, then click save and the file is updated where it was opened from).


      Please help, it's a fairly urgent situation on my end. Thanks!!

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Bspence,


          We apologize for missing the response to your query.

          As per the scenario explained above, I assume that reason when you are trying to save the file after getting the editing and changes done why its saving to local machine rather than "SharePoint" location is because you might not have the "Show online storage when saving files" settings enabled.

          You may go through the related help document- Access your SharePoint files in Acrobat, Acrobat Reader and see if the suggestions given in it would help.

          Or the document preferences has been set in such a way that you can not save the modification on same location, that you have been sharing through sharepoint?




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