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    whmcs template integration with Muse

    Uncle Flamin Level 1


      I am interested in integrating an adobe muse website with whmcs.


      essentially, i will create navigation links/buttons on the Adobe Muse website that direct a user to a WHMCS shopping cart page for purchasing of products and services. However, i want the whmcs shopping cart pages to have a similar theme to that of my adobe muse website.


      I have watched the whmcs video... " WHMCS Creating a Custom Template "


      From the video i have gleaned that the main starting point is to go into two files within whmcs template directory and copy the Muse header and footer code into the whmcs header and footer areas on header.tpl and footer.tpl pages.


      I am having problems getting this to work with information copied from Adobe Muse Index.html page header and footer.


      Has anyone got any pointers on whether or not this will actually work using code from a Muse website? Is there anything specific about Muse code that prevents header and footer code and css from being used outside of its own directory on another html website?