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    Font for Numbers

      Hello Everyone,

      I am having an issue with the font for the numbers in my RoboHelp project. The font for the numbers is correct in RoboHelp but when I output into a CHM file the font is not correct. I have RoboHelp 7.0.2. It is part of the Technical Communications Suite but I am assuming it is a RoboHelp issue not TechCom suite. Any ideas?

      Thank you,
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          It's an issue with the style sheet applied to your topics in RH. You need to change the definitions there.

          Numbered lists are controlled by the OL and LI tags so you need to tweak them. Off the top of my head I think you need to add something like font-size: 10pt; to the OL definition.

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            Freespirit-ST Level 1

            We are having a similar problem with projects converted from X5 to RH8, for numbered and bulleted lists.  The text font is 10 pt, and the numbers, letters, and bullets are 12 pt.


            Where and how do we tweak the <ol> or <ul> tags?   Right now, a numbered list in our HTML is:  <ol type="1">

            How can I define type=1 so that the numbers are 10 pt?


            I did change the < li >  tag class. After the conversion, with the removal of a lot of the "kadov"s, the list lines now have tags of  <li class="p">, and I don't think there was a LI.P class in our CSS.  When I manually changed the HTML to be <li class="kadov-p"> - since there was an LI.kadov-P defined in the CSS, the numbers appeared correctly.  SO, I copied the LI.kadov-P entry in the CSS, with the same attributes, and changed the copied entry to LI.P.  However, that change to the CSS did not seem to work.


            There's also the following tag right after the <ol type="1> tag:   <li style="list-style: none; display: inline;">   Not sure, but I don't remember seeing that before.


            I realize there are a bunch of threads around this issue.  And I've read a lot of them.  So I apologize if I've missed some crucial information that would apply to our problem.


            I'm hoping for a global resolution here - such as changing the CSS.  I'm new to RH8, but have been using previous versions of RoboHelp for over 12 years (I think).  I would appreciate expert advice.  BTW - Peter, thanks so much for your website and your help there - I've been using it a lot!!



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              RoboColum(n) Level 5

              Peter's right. This is likely related to the fact that the bullets themselves are rendered differently by the browser from the bullet text. Your style sheet probably does not have something like the following tag:


              Body {
              font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;
              font-size: 9pt;
              margin-top: 10pt;
              margin-bottom: 10pt;


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                Freespirit-ST Level 1

                Colum - I have a BODY definition in my CSS as follows:


                BODY {
                font-family: Arial;
                background-color: #ffffff;


                So, if I add attributes of "font-size: 10.0 pt" to the BODY definition, will the numbered lists then have numbers of 10 pt??


                The CSS does not have an entry or definition for OL or UL.  Should I try to add one?  Would that work?


                I do have entries for the list items - the LI tag - with font size.


                Thanks for your help, and for your patience with my other questions here.



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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5

                  Hi Susan. I believe it will yes. You don't need a definition for the OL or UL tags.


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                    Freespirit-ST Level 1

                    Good News!!!  The numbers in the numbered list are the correct font size now!!  So, the changed BODY attributes in the CSS fixed it.  This is a WebHelp project, so the browser was the issue.


                    Thanks so much, Colum.  I breathe easier now!!



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                      Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                      The type for the ol tag defines the sort of list you are using. Type="1" means that you have a numbered list and has absolutely nothing to do with any other list styling.