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    Photoshop Making Every Image Blurry


      Hi there -


      This has NEVER been a problem in the past but ever since I updated my Photoshop app on the cloud overtime I try to export it turns super blurry and pixilated but is perfect and crisp in inDesign.  Literally tearing my hair out. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times.


      It literally is PERFECT, with high-res images and then the second I transfer it to photoshop to make it an image - it looks super low res and blurry when exported - even if I export directly from inDesign.


      Does anyone have an answer for this?


      Here is the image in inDesign and then how it looks after photoshop.


      Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 4.36.37 PM.png



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          The first images is 2072 x 808 pixels, but the second is just 640 x 250. So a bit tricky to compare.  We also have an issue if downsizing the original in Photoshop to match the size of the second image, because we are working with a purely raster image, so the text objects on the right definitely suffer.  The content that remains raster in both examples, like the dancers, looks similar in both examples after downsizing the first larger image, but there are differences depending on whether you use Automatic, which will mean the Bicubic Sharper which often tends to do some damage, or Biliear, which is my prefered method.

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            michaelab91939343 Level 1

            The first one is a screenshot out of indesign of three original that I pasted into photoshop. The document in indesign is 640 x 250 also.


            Howndoni exportnit sonits not blurry. The woman are in fact very blurry compared to the first image.


            This has never be an issue. I normally copy the indesign  image. Paste it into a blank document in photoshop from clipboard and export. They have never ever been blurry ever until the last month or so.