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    Candy Crush ending Flash?

    Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP


      For those who don't know what Candy Crush is, it's an addictive part luck /  part strategy game made by King.com. The goal is simply to match like-colored candies & clear the board in x number of moves.  As you progress through levels you accumulate lives, boosters & tools that help you complete successive game levels. Optionally, players can purchase extra lives, boosters or moves if they want to.  Originally, Candy Crush was a Flash based online game.  Later they added an HTML5 version that was good but it didn't deliver quite the same user experience.   You can also download the game app from MS, Google and Apple Apps stores.


      Today King released 15 new Candy Crush game levels which they do each Wednesday. In an upset, the Flash version is nearly unplayable now. All boosters, tools and the capacity to buy extra moves have been disabled.  Honestly, there's no point in playing the Flash version anymore.  King's maneuver looks like an attempt to ween players away from Flash & onto the new HTML5 version. 


      I wonder how many other game makers will be following suit.