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    cfdocument broken after java upgrade CF 2016


      I upgraded Java to 1.8.0_144, due to the requirements of Update 5 for CF 2016 (I did not apply Update 5 yet). As a result of this upgrade cfdocument does not work. According to TS there is a known problem, when you get the same error trying to save system settings on Admin page in PDF file, but they did not hear anything about cfdocument.


      Below is an error I’m getting:


      An exception occurred when performing document processing.
      The cause of this exception was that: coldfusion.document.spi.DocumentExportException:java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0


      It can be reproduced by simple:

      <cfdocument format="PDF">




      My server is RHEL 7 64 bit.


      I will continue to work with TS guys, just wondering if cfdocument works or does not work in similar environment for other people.