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    Acrobat XI and Windows 10 + cannot create PDF or combine files to PDF


      Hi All


      I am having trouble with Acrobat XI and Windows 10 - I have two windows 10 computers, on one Acrobat XI is working with no issues but on the other It is not.


      I cannot create a PDF by right clicking on a file and selecting Create PDF not can I combine multipole files into one PDF. In both cases Acrobat just stops responding and I need to end the process to force the application to close.


      Originally I was able to PDF a simple .txt file but not Office 16 documents so I completely uninstalled Acrobat XI and Office 365 From my computer and reinstalled Office 365, Acrobat XI and installed all available Acrobat updates. After a restart of the computer I was able to create PDF files from Word Documents but right clicking and selecting Create PDF and Combine multiple files BUT the computer was turned off on the Friday afternoon and when it was turned on on Monday morning nothing was working again.


      I have no idea what is going on with this particular install, as I have another computer setup in exactly the same way with no issues.


      Does anyone have any ideas? I know that this product is reaching its end of life but the organisation has only just purchased licenses for it through Connecting up and moving to the latest version is cost prohibitive for the amount they use it.