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    line col "corrected" ?

      I originally posted this in the wrong forum, and was advised to continue the discussion here. Thanks to Danillo Celic, I have a partial understanding of what's ocurring, but my problem hasn't been resolved, so here goes again, with more detail.
      Original post (somewhat edited):
      > Using Dreamweaver CS4 on a Mac
      > Upon opening some of my pages, I get a box showing HTML Corrections:
      > "Corrected invalid HTML" then in the box it shows "Line 94 Col
      > 179 : Closed a <img> tag that was left unclosed." This box has a "Continue"
      > button that I click on to dismiss it; however, the same message occurs each
      > time I open that page and nothing ever seems to actually get corrected, even
      > after working on the page and saving it.
      > I understand the Line 94 portion, but the Col 179 portion baffles me, because there are not that many characters on that line, only 97 characters.
      >My question then is twofold.
      > 1. What is the Col 179 referring to if there are not that many characters on the line in question?
      > 2. How do I get the Line/Col correction to actually _stay_ corrected? The tag looks closed to me.

      I don't want to turn off the auto-correction. I'd just like to have the corrections stick once I've been informed that they have been corrected. I haven't uploaded the page in question yet, but have included the line of code that is being referred to, and can upload the page if it needs to be viewed in its entirety for someone to help. Thanks.