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    CartesianDataCanvas updating problem

      I've got a ColumnChart. In it I've extended the grid to add code to its updateDisplayList(). At the end of that method I want to notify another custom BackgroundElement that it should draw itself as well. This other custom BackgroundElement, which is extended from CartesianDataCanvas, is in front of the grid in the z-order.

      I'm initially looking to learn why my custom CartesianDataCanvas doesn't have its updateDisplayList() called by default. Is there a property that I'm not aware of that would force the layout code to call its updateDisplayList()?

      If the above can't be made to happen, I'm looking for ideas on how I can have the grid notify the CartesianDataCanvas to draw itself, but WITHOUT that action then causing the grid to be invalidated, forcing it to then redraw itself, in an unending cycle.

      Any info or pointers to information would be most appreciated.