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    Unable to load external local content

      I have Flash 8 Professional on Windows Vista 64-bit and I am trying to load external SWF's into my main Flash SWF. The content will load correctly in the trusted test movie environment but will not load the local content in a published local sandbox mode that runs inside of a browser. The odd thing is that the XML loader actually loads the XML file sitting in the local directories but for some reason it will not load the external SWF's. Anyone have an idea why this might be happening?

      I've pasted the code that will hopefully help in determining the problem. The following is the traced print out of my debugging info...

      scorm.connect(): true
      scorm.set('cmi.core.lesson_status', 'incomplete'): true
      scorm.get('cmi.core.student_id'): User01
      scorm.get('cmi.core.student_name'): Student, Joe
      loading page 0
      scorm.set('cmi.core.lesson_location', '0'): true
      [Data:onLoad] Success
      [Data:parseXML] Parsing XML...
      [Preloader:loadFrame] Loading frame...
      mcLoader.loadClip() succeeded
      [Preloader:onLoadStart] _level0.content_mc.mcFrame0
      [Preloader:onLoadError] Error Code:LoadNeverCompleted HTTP Status:0