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    datagrid clear memory

      Hello and happy new year

      I am new to Flex and Flash

      I have a web application which contains differents users with rules (admin : all rights, guest : restricted rights)
      In my app, i have datagrids which lists names of applications and contains column "modify" which is visible if the user has admin rule
      I have a java function which returns me the rule of the user connected
      I created a Bindable varaible "connected_rule" which contains the result of my java function

      In my mxml code, I use the "visible" argument of the datagrid to show or hide the column "modify"

      <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Modify" resizable="false" width="80" visible="{connected_rule=='admin'}">

      Here is my problem
      When I login with a user (exemple : guest), all is OK and column is hidden
      However, when i disconnect and login with admin, my column is always hidden and not visible
      The datagrid is unchanged and i think the test visible="{connected_role=='admin'}" is done just the first time
      Is it possible to destroy datagrid or clear memory when i disconnect ?


      Kind regards

      Sorry for my bad english