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    Header Navigation

      I have created a help file and am publishing it using FlashHelp format. The one issue I have is the header navigation when the help file is brought up on the web.

      When a page is loaded without the TOC, there is a small link up op that says "Show" and also a navigation control that specifies where you are in the help "HOME>SECTION>SUBSECTION"

      I cannot figure out how to edit these or atleast change the CSS associate with them. I would like to replace the "Show" with an image saying "show table of contents". At very minimum I need to edit the CSS so that those links display differently than the links within the regular body of the help.

      Any help is much appreciated. Have been looking for forever for how to fix this.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Welcome to the forum.

          1] To change the text for Show, go to Project Settings, click the Advanced button and look at the LNG (language) tab. You can set the text to whatever you want.

          2] The navigation control you describe is known as breadcrumbs. The second page of the wizard to generate the help has a button to Format breadcrumbs.

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            impelus Level 1
            Thanks. I am also going to review your site as it looks to have a lot of answers.
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              impelus Level 1
              That did help me in removing the breadcrumb links (actually was on the first page of the wizard for me). I just ended up removing them all together.

              The Show did not change. I tried to get it to say "Show Navigation", but after publishing all was still the same. Really I would like it to say "<---Show Navigation" or have a nice image up there. Any time I tried to add a '<' it removed it along with any HTML code. So I don't know what to do about a possible image.
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                I think it is limited to text and alphanumeric characters.

                If you are determined, try this. Change the text to a single word that will not appear in the help such as redrabbit. Generate your help. Use a multi file find and replace tool such as FAR or BKReplaceEm and search the output for redrabbit. That might locate where the text is held and you might be able to edit it there.
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                  impelus Level 1
                  That's a good suggestion, if the Show actually would have changed when I changed it. I tried to just change it to Show Navigation, but when I published it, nothing had changed.

                  The problem with how RH is installed on the server is I didn't actually install it. We are having issues with the popups (for mapped ID's) not always loading on first attemp - sometimes they just close out. There are lots of other files in the FlashHelp directory on the server, which I am about to play around with to see what is used and what does what. It's weird because it pops up one window and closes it, then a second, then the final window loads. They probably set it up weird and I will probably have to go back and set it up in ways explained or linked to on your site.

                  I have a feeling the Show is loaded purely from some of the JS files that control the popups. I'll be digging through those to see if I can find where it is document writing Show on the page.

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                    Ben Minson Level 2
                    Look in whtopic.js for function addShowButton. In this line:

                    sHTML += "<td><a class=\"whtbtnshow\" href=\"javascript:void(0);\" onclick=\"show();return false;\">Show</a></td></tr></table> ";

                    ...change Show to Show Navigation.

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                      impelus Level 1
                      Awesome. Thanks!