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    Editing gif; problem with layers


      Hi friends,


      I am noob in photoshop and I need to edit one gif. What I am doing is putting two faces in one gif. I edited one face, do not even know how to be honest and everything went well. And that face ends at frame 43 and now I need to put another face I just cut with lasso. The problem is when I paste that face to frame 44, it adds it to every other frame to. I do not need that layer at any fram till 44th one.


      I hope I explained that so you can understand what I am talking about. I am not so skillful in PS as I said so I find it hard to express myself.


      So my question is, how can you add face to only one frame of the gif ? Or in just few of frame, for example to just 10 frames out of 55 ?


      Thanks in advance.