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    Google Chrome Scrolls Off the Screen When Answering Forum Posts

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

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      I asked about this a while back after I switched from Firefox to Chrome.  If a thread is long enough to force and answer to the bottom of the screen, then tying causes the screen to suddenly scroll back to the top of the thread so I can no longer see the answer box.  I recently had to reinstall Windows 10, which means new installations of Chrome any other apps, and it is doing it again.  You'd think it would be easy to Google up an answer or two, but I might be using the wrong search critiea.  I'm not getting anywhere at least.


      Chrome also appears to suck at playing YouTube videos.  I improved things a bit by turning off hardware acceleration in the Chrome settings, but it is still unlikely to get through a five minute video without the 'Please try again later' error, or the sound will drop out.  Edge has no problems.


      I have no extensions installed with Chrome. and I have tried using an Incognito screen and trashing history and cookies.  So has anyone managed to get Chrome working nicely with the Adobe forums?



      One of the mods moved this post to the Forum Comments forum, which might possibly be a more appropriate location, but is pointless because somewhere between very few and flat out no one follows that forum.  So I moved this post back to the Lounge (for I too have that super power ) which is why I posted it here in the first place.  If you don't mind, please leave it here where it will at least get seen.   Thanks