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    Scenes & Music


      I have successfully built a music player that plays across scenes without stopping. I am loading the music from a swf file. But.... When I switch to another scene, the music keeps playing uninterrupted (which I wanted) but the button is in the off position on the next frame while the music is playing. If I click the off button it starts the song over from the beginning. Basically, between scenes the on/off is not remembered an.

      Here is the code on the buttons. I have 2 frames that have buttons that go between each other. In the action layer I have stops in both frames. I would really appreciate someones help. thank you. God Bless matt

      -button in Frame 1-
      on (release) {
      loadMovieNum("vms_sound_loop2.swf", 1);
      mf.attachMovie("EffectIn","effect_mc",1);// this is the button effect to on

      -button in Frame 2-
      on (release) {
      mf.attachMovie("EffectOut","effect_mc",1);// this is the button effect to off