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    Fill works in JPG but NOT in TiFF

    William G. Lea Level 1

      I have run into a baffling problem. I am trying of generate an Image from a multitude of images. I have composited the image and loaded it into PS CC 2017. I have used the quick select tool to select and drop out the desired parts of hte image. I the all a fill layer for a background.  Everything looks fine. If I save the image by quick exporting a JPG all is well. If I save the image as a tiff file however it appears to have white spaces. The spaces are only apparent in windows explorer. If I reopen the tiff file the white spaces are ont there.  If I try and run the tiff file through something like the Zoomify converter the conversion fails.  I get the same error in CS6 as well. I'm Puzzled.  What could I b e doing wrong?