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    populate fields from other fields if checkbox checked.

    murrjames Level 1

      On page 1 I have an address box... City, Province, Postal code, street address


      On page 2, if user checks box, the fields from Page 1 populate the address box on page 2


      I put this JS in the MouseUp of the checkbox


      When I check the box, in the fields on Page 1, the field text is replaced with [object Field]

      I found this on this forum,


      Checkbox is named sameaddress. The fields with the 2 are the fields on Page to, to get the text from Page1

      if (getField("sameaddress").value!="Off")

      this.getField("StreetAddress").value = this.getField("StreetAddress2");

      this.getField("City").value = this.getField("City2");

      this.getField("Province").value = this.getField("Province2");

      this.getField("PostalCode").value = this.getField("PostalCode2");