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    Quickly populating the Glossary

    yenelli Level 1
      I like the idea in the info below, posted 08 Nov 2006 by La Menting, but does not work. I have 4 entries in my glossary--need to add about 100 more. However, when I open the project's .glo file, it is empty. I saved my project closed RH 7, and the file is still empty. Any ideas?

      II recently converted a WinHelp project to HTML. The only problem I've encountered is that the Glossary entries are all in bold and a larger font than the normal HTML Glossary output. It's extremely ugly and gives me a headache after looking at only two or three entries. Because I subscribe to the “be kind to the customer” philosophy, I'd like to fix this. Does anyone have the solution? Any help will be much appreciated...by me, at least.
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      * open your .glo file in notepad.
      * copy and paste your glossary on another notepad - delete the text entry on your current .glo file.
      * paste the entry on the other notepad back to the .glo file which is currenty in notepad.

      of course don't forget to backup your original .glo file before doing this.

      Example of .glo entry

      Definition of Data.
      Definition of Element.

      NAME should be in uppercase followed by an = sign then your glossary entry. Ensure the definition appears on the very next paragraph.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi yenelli

          The only thing that comes to mind here is that maybe you aren't looking in the right location. Assuming you have four entries in your Glossary, there should be data in the file. This would suggest that you aren't looking at the right file.

          It may be helpful to employ one of my all time favorite RoboHelp tricks here. To quickly open Windows Explorer in the Project location. Just right-click any topic in your project and choose Properties (It may also say Topic Properties). Then click the File tab. See that button in the lower right of the dialog? The one labeled Open Folder? Click that puppy and Windows Explorer should pop open in your project location. Sweet, huh?

          Now try looking at the .GLO file you find there and see if you are able to see your entries.

          Let us know how you make out... Rick Cheers
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            yenelli Level 1
            to Rick!
            This may also resolve my other lament(s) posted today. Only question now is...how did I get the project created in one place and I'm viewing a project with the same name in a different RoboHelp folder. HAH!